Very Light AR & VR

Say 'good-bye' to bulky headsets and processors. Our portable VR headsets are small enough for a lightweight feel, with the power of an IMAX experience.

We want to bring VR from niche product to a lifestyle experience

Formed in 2016, we bring together a group of people with very diverse backgrounds who share the same dream and mission to deliver unforgettable VR experiences. We started out focusing on:

VR Hardware
and accessories

VR Customised

VR Interactive
streaming platform

How we've evolved?

VLAVR has gone through tremendous changes since starting back in 2016.

We are thrilled to have: Exponententially grown the team with more engineers, collaborated with more global companies, expanded ecosystem, work with world class 5G specialists.

We've been following every step of the way as VR moves forward with 5G coming, it's just around the corner where it comes out of its shell.

The last three years we've been refining our product to deliver a worldclass and lightweight headset.

Being passionate about VR, it started off with trying to build a product that we would love to use ourselves. Tireless nights led us to creating the world's lightest VR glasses, the miniVR.

Our momentum continues as the 5G age approaches, we know consumers will be demanding new forms of entertainment.

VLAVR One is perfectly placed to bring you front row seats to world class entertainment, no matter where you are.



VLAVR company is born.

2016 December

VLAVR became the exclusive partner of China Mobile’s MIGU platform,

2017 November

Live demonstration of 5G cloud VR solution at China Mobile Conference.

2018 July

CES Asia, we release miniVR: world's lightest VR glasses.

2018 November

VLAVR became a member of the GSMA VR/AR Alliance Member Unit.

2019 March

China Mobile 5G Opening Ceremony
Shanghai Mobile Flagship Shop Live Demonstration.

2019 October

Participate in Qualcomm 5G summit and tease the VLAVR ONE.

2020 February

Demonstrate VLAVR ONE prototype at MWC 2020.